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Our Story



meet the brothers

Born and raised in Miami, Eddie and Eric grew up best friends. They went to the same high school, joined the same fraternity, and even started their professional career with the same company. The Stanky Brothers have always dreamt of creating a company that can add positive value to society.

While in grade school, one of Eddie’s teachers could not pronounce his last name, “Stankiewicz”. Instead, he said, “I will call you Stanky.” From that day forward, they were referred to as “Stanky,” something that became more than just a nickname, but a way of living, The Stanky Life.

The Stanky Brothers come from a mix of Colombian and Polish roots. From Kielbasa to Arepas, Eddie and Eric always ate well. This created a passion for exploring new and exciting flavors, which is the same passion they bring to Stank Sauce.

One day Eddie was sitting at the dinner table with his Dad, talking about future plans. Naturally, the center of the table was adorned with various Hot Sauce bottles. Dad picked one up and said “You love Hot Sauce, why don’t you make your own, based on what you like.” The idea for Stanky Sauce was born.

The dream for creating a brand starts with a hot sauce, but it is more than just a hot sauce. Stanky Brand is intended to celebrate the importance of being bold and standing out. It is ok to be different, and it is important to be unique; that is what the Stanky Life is all about.



~The Stanky Brothers