Who we are

At the core of Stanky Sauce are two brothers – Eddie and Eric Stankiewicz. Hence the name Stanky! Throughout his life, Eddie has cultivated his love for hot sauce by adding spice to all of his meals. Meanwhile, Eric developed a love for cooking and discovered a knack for combining flavors. Together, they now make delicious hot sauces with the best ingredients and a kick on the side! Stanky Sauce isn’t just another hot sauce company, it’s their dream come true!

Two Brothers, One Stanky Brand

The creation of Stanky Sauce began with passion and continued with a sauce. Eddie devoted time and energy into creating a sauce from scratch using all-natural ingredients. The Stanky brothers tried every food they could get their hands on with the intention of developing new flavors that melded the culinary uniqueness of their Colombian and Polish cultures. As a result, the Mango Habanero and Honey Mango Habanero hot sauces emerged. Today they continue to craft hot sauces with various flavors and ingredients.

Our Products

With it’s versatility, Stanky Sauce can be used as a marinade for veggies, a glaze on salmon, but it goes best with some wings! The Stanky brothers live and breathe heat for you all to enjoy! Try Stanky Sauce on everything, and make sure to share your discoveries and recommendations with us on our social media platforms.

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